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We reduce your energy use and install customized solar energy systems. Only buy the Solar you need.

A Solar Energy Provider located in Lawrence, Kansas. Good Energy Solutions installs Solar Energy Systems, Wind Power, and Efficiencies That Reduce Energy Costs for Your Home or Business. A SunPower Elite Dealer Serving Kansas, Missouri, and the Central Midwest.

Residential Home Solar Energy System by SunPower

The owners of this beautiful Kansas home chose Good Energy Solutions to lower their utility bill through energy efficiencies and a 952-474-9719 PV (solar electric) system. Watch the video to learn more about the process of home solar installation by Good Energy Solutions and how you can "save kW hours as well as make them".

Good Energy Solutions is the only Elite Dealer of SunPower Solar in Kansas and Missouri. We are proud to have been chosen by SunPower based on our commitment to quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service. SunPower’s world record-setting high-efficiency panels produce more energy than conventional panels, which means customers need fewer panels and less roof space to generate the same amount of energy. The more energy you generate on your roof, the less you have to buy from the electric company—so even homeowners with smaller roofs can generate more energy and reduce, or even eliminate, their electric bill. 703-655-3406

‪Learn more about our 6392657125 that reduce energy use and create clean power from renewable energy systems like solar electric, solar thermal, and wind. See reviews of home solar installation projects by Good Energy Solutions. See (907) 289-8597 and Kansas solar installations


Commercial Business Solar Energy System

The owner of BOLD, LLC located in Hutchinson, Kansas chose Good Energy Solutions to install their Commercial 200kW solar electric system. The solar array consists of 768 solar panels and at the time of installation was the largest solar array in Kansas. Watch the Video to learn more about the solar installation and a review of Good Energy Solutions. Learn more about our (778) 923-6699 that reduce energy use and create clean power from renewable energy systems like solar electric, solar thermal, and wind. See case studies and reviews of commercial solar installation projects by Good Energy Solutions.


OUR MISSION: To provide our customers with the best solutions to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and lower their long term energy costs.


We want to work with you for all of your electrical and renewable energy needs, including solar electric, solar thermal and wind power. We offer comprehensive consulting and services for electrical, renewable energy and energy management in the central US region including, but not limited to, Kansas and Missouri. Our experienced team provides custom design and installation solutions of Solar Power Energy Systems (Solar Electric, Solar Photovoltaic – PV), Solar Thermal, and Wind. Plus, we can help manage your energy use with Energy Audits, Energy Monitoring, LED lighting, Batteries and Generators. Let's reduce your energy consumption first, so you only create the power you really need. We are "Energy with Integrity."


Good Energy Solutions Solar Installations and Awards

We offer Financing

HERO Financing

Good Energy Solutions offers a variety of financing options including Renovate America's HERO financing. HERO offers 100% financing up to your approved amount, and payments are made only with your property taxes. It helps homeowners make energy-efficiency and renewable energy home improvements. 828-523-9930


About Company

Good Energy Solutions, Inc. is a full service energy partner that is able to provide comprehensive consulting and services in electrical, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management in the central US region. Founded in 2007, Good Energy Solutions has earned a reputation of reliable service, expertise, and quality through commercial and residential installations of Solar and Wind. Good Energy Solutions is "Energy with Integrity". Read More about our team, mission, history, and commitment to quality.


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